Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

My Original Recipe
This is my fruity version of most chicken salad sandwiches. Instead of celery, green onions and water chestnuts...I use apples and grapes (and sometimes pineapple). I typically just make this for lunch, but we had it for dinner last night. I don't think Blake appreciated it much since he eats peanut butter & honey everyday for lunch. He ended up eating all of my pasta/mozzerella/turkey reserves that I give to Sam when she won't eat anything else.


Chicken (I use canned to keep it super easy)
Lemon juice
Red grapes (cut into quarters) - I put in green grapes too
Gala apple (peeled and diced)
Low fat mayonnaise (this stuff is great - only 1 gram fat per tbsp)
Salt & Pepper
Lettuce & Tomato
Whole Wheat Pita - OR - Fresh Croissants

I don't usually measure anything with this recipe. It is all to taste. Drain the chicken and soak it in about 2 tsp lemon juice. The grapes must be firm or they will be gross in the salad. Cut them into quarters. Peel, core and dice the apple. I love gala because it is so sweet and crunchy. Add 2 big spoonfuls of mayo (I used to use fat free miracle whip...but it doesn't have very much flavor). Mix it all up and add salt/pepper to taste. I serve this with either croissants or pita bread and chips/salsa, carrots/celery with ranch and peach pie.
Sam was quite a challenge yesterday (no nap) and didn't want to sit down to eat. So, she would walk by every few minutes and I would give her a bite. She loves tomatoes (one of her first foods). She was interested, but messy.

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